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Quick and Dirty: I need a homeautomation, therefore I looked around the world wide web and found this 7" Touch. And I found this for an acceptible price. front back

Additional processorboard: Well this board is nice and I can use it with the Touch. Also an additional expansion interfaceboard maybe for EIA485, CAN, Bluetooth, EIA232 or etc. perfect use for my homeautomation system. beaglebone black

together looks like this

Converter: Of course the biggest task is mostly to convert different protocols and physical interfaces. To transfer from EIA485 busses to ethernet I use my own hardware. my layout my hardware

Prototype pic 1 Prototype pic 2

Of course not all is possible to get via protocol or interface-conversion. I need also some inputs and outputs (hardwired). my IO board IO board with own coding IO board as PLC

New released I/O-Controller (blackboard): Here you see my released blackbord for my homeautomation. Processorboard is a beaglebone black or a beaglebone green or a nanoPI depending what budget you have. At the moment I developing the software in java and python. fresh delivered soldered with expansion boards
A big Thank you, to http://www.pcbway.com, they are very fast and delivery a good quality of pcb-boards. Look at the side navi for the link.

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